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Select a ready to use template and get ready in less than 5 minutes, all you need to do is fill the information

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Just select a template and fill the data, all the code is easily accessible in case that you want to customize anything

Create your own

Create your own templates is very easy, work section by section to create powerful and flexible landing pages

Popular libraries for your templates

The templates are based on Tailwind, Bulma, Bootstrap 4 or Bootstrap 5.
You can use any library or framework to build your templates or web pages.
You can modify this page and see how you can take a template and modofy it to your needs. All the html, css and js are easily accessible if you need to modify any aspect of the page.

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Use your templates

Create a templates to let your users create page with it, if you are an agency or freelancer this is the best way try and swap design with the existing data


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  • Complete functionality
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Most popular!
  • Zip to site
  • Multiple React SPA
  • Individual pages & redirects
  • SSL & CDN
  • Optimized images
  • A/B content analytics
  • Editor/Developer roles
$9 /Year
  • Account for the site users
  • Guest Collaborator
  • Blog functionality
  • Proxy API to route
  • Event Analytics
  • Blog functionality
  • Airtable/Gsheet/CSV tables
  • Manage your subdomains for your user's custom content

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